Pocket Rockets (Rockets) is a collection of 3,333 randomly generated, unique 3D rockets living on the Polygon blockchain as ERC-721 tokens

The primary intention is to bring awareness to the Pocket Network (Pocket) ecosystem and allow their community to show their support via works of art that can be displayed as holders desire. Further awareness and community support for Pocket will be facilitated via the development of a Decentraland Space Station, details of which will be explained further under the “Roadmap” section.

A secondary intention is to lay the foundations for a business model that enables the growth of the Pocket Network infrastructure and provides exposure to node running rewards distributed by Pocket to qualifying Rocket holders.

Our Vision

  • A web3 technology and design business that becomes a top-tier platform to produce digital art with real utilities for communities
  • A community platform where everyone feels welcome and involved. We want to create a space that attracts everyone to share ideas and get involved with new projects from around the world
  • A digital footprint in the metaverse. We want to be a leading explorer of new technologies in the metaverse space to merge both the physical and digital experience. As we grow, we want to focus on emerging metaverse platforms and taking our creations into them


  • We don’t just build it and hope they will come, we build it right so they will come. The heart of our strategy is to structure everything professionally and correctly in order to produce a quality experience for our community
  • Community underpins the success of our strategy and to facilitate an engaged and real community we need to be open in our communications. We strive to maintain clear communications in our Discord channel and host regular AMA’s
  • The base price of a Rocket will be 0.09ETH and there will be 3,333 produced. 3,133 Rockets will be available to the NFT community, and we have reserved 200 for promotions and giveaways
  • When you mint a Rocket, you will have full commercial rights to use and exploit the art in the Rocket. Any future deals that require the use of your Rocket will be leased from you, should you wish to partake, with only limited restrictions to protect the community from the use of Rockets in hate crime or racist activity.


Pocket Rockets have been created for community members to show their support to the Pocket community, while providing a means to build out the Pocket Networks infrastructure to add more stability and resilience to the network.

First and foremost, Rockets are a community support tool, however they are being designed to enable qualifying NFT holders to receive exposure to node running rewards generated by the Pocket Network. The details of node reward mechanics can be found in the “Node Running” section.

The Pocket Rockets art and platform has been developed in collaboration working with both community and professional artists, designers, web developers, marketing teams, community managers, lawyers, and accountants to ensure a long-term sustainable project is developed.

The project has been developed in Australia but has involvement from a number of people worldwide. Rockets have been funded through a mixture of upfront cash costs and profit share agreements with various parties. The economics will roughly be split as follows, noting that it assumes a sell-out of the project:

  • 1/3 to development costs
  • 1/3 to utility development
  • 1/3 to founders and ongoing management team

A 5% commission on future sales of Pocket Rocket NFT’s on secondary markets will help maintain running costs with a portion of these being used to build further Pocket nodes and maintain the project into the long term

Our Story

The Pocket Rockets team is made up of an eclectic collection of globally scattered crypto enthusiasts from Australia, the United States, and Brazil.

In March 2021, after a year of stumbling around and devouring as much knowledge on as many crypto projects that we could, we discovered the Pocket Network.

For too long had we tirelessly trawled through emerging platforms, each claiming to be the new Ethereum, in a mad gold rush of value pouring into the crypto world.

With no way to really know which will emerge the ultimate victors the wise saying goes – in a gold rush, sell shovels!

With so much data being recorded on chains, it seemed like Web3 infrastructure was being overlooked. But not by Pocket. Pocket has built a dominant decentralised network to route information requests to thousands of independent nodes.

Holding POKT tokens wasn’t enough, the team are active node runners helping to build the power and resiliency of the decentralised network. With the ever-increasing demand of the POKT token, the overall cost of running a node has grown and thus the idea for the Pocket Rockets was born.

In December 2021 the team started the journey of creating a collection of NFT’s that would be used to build more nodes and provide rewards to holders who interact with the network and community while further growing the Pocket Network. We believe it is still early days in the Pocket Network story and we want to be a part of the journey building both the network and the community around this amazing project!


Pocket Rockets was a perfect symbol for our love of the Pocket Network which has seen explosive growth in the last few years. The rocket has been the forefront of technological change for many of our generation as we watched mankind start to spread its tentacles into space. With the dawn of the digital space, we wanted to adopt this as our symbol. We opted to go with a 3D modelling approach again to stand out from all the 2D animal-based art that is flooding the market but also as an acknowledgement to the incredible work that is going into the metaverse space.

Our vision for the future will be to continually progress the artwork in future drops so that more advanced animated and digital features can be included.


Development of the node running program is the key challenge for the team. We have been successful in deploying Pocket nodes after a very steep learning curve. It was while going through this learning curve that we realised the technical knowledge requirements were prohibitive for your everyday, non-tech person to help build out the Pocket Network.


We have been open that our primary goal is to build out community and network support and not to create a financial product to be seen as investment for NFT holders. We have earmarked c. 25% of sales to be used to build nodes and intend to  distribute rewards from those nodes initially as follows:

  • 5% to cover management costs of the project and node operations
  • 25% compounding into more nodes
  • 70% being distributed to a reward pool which is available for distribution to qualifying NFT holders

The above split is after the operational costs of the servers and setup. These are hard costs that will be covered by selling POKT each month. Because of the varying costs, rewards, and price of POKT, we plan to adjust the above ratio as needed to maintain sustainability for the project. Node performance and relay volume in the Pocket Network are variable, so we are not committing to a specific amount of POKT to be distributed in the three categories.

Mechanics and legal requirements

Currently POKT is run as its own network and wallet and not on the Ethereum network. However, as our NFT’s are issued using Polygon we are unable to automate the distribution of rewards to all qualifying NFT holders. POKT is currently in the process of being enabled for wrapping on the Ethereum network and Pocket provides updates as to the progress. We are comfortable to committing to using wPOKT as our distribution method when it is available, and building our reward pool until such time as wPOKT is released.

Once POKT is available wrapped on Ethereum, our web developers will ship code that can distribute wrapped POKT to the Ethereum addresses which the Rocket NFT’s are being held on, subject to our reward program rules.

Rewards will be provided to NFT holders who actively interact with and facilitate the Pocket Rocket community and Pocket Network and help more join that community. NFT holders will need to take an active role in promoting the projects in order to qualify for rewards and we will be excited to reveal the qualifying activities as we get closer to the launch of our rewards program.

Once POKT is wrapped, rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis to qualifying NFT holders. The means to qualify will be released once node rewards are able to be distributed and our intention will be to keep this as simple as possible.

TECHNOLOGY: Polygon Blockchain

Pocket Rockets is an NFT collection issued on the Polygon blockchain network. We are working with Block8, a leading Australian web3 developer to ensure our process is secure

Our NFTs will be using ERC-721 standards of Ethereum and users will be able to mint NFTs after connecting their metamask wallet to our website.

IPFS for Metadata Storage

IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System, a decentralized File Storage solution Once a file is stored in the IPFS it cannot be changed / altered / destroyed / by anyone, not even the creator.

The Team

Mark (Rusto) – Mark has had a background in managing complex projects from finance to healthcare. He built an online retail business before falling in love with the new wave of crypto projects that were taking the world by storm, particularly Pocket Network. Since 2019 he’s been a self-proclaimed crypto nerd and has been investing, building projects, and participating in crypto communities


Dale (Honey D) – Dales is a man of effortless style and taste; he has a background in professional branding and creative design. He has built a full-service creative agency from the ground up and wants to take his knowledge into the digital world


Trev (Taz) – Trev is the teams concept artist who produces the 2D imagery to be developed into the 3D models we all know and love. He is an amateur Māori artist who had a passion for drawing some pretty epic superhero fan art. After a rouge trampolining accident Trev serendipitously found himself with a broken leg and unable to leave the couch, but he could draw and draw he did.


Lucas (DOCD) – Lucas hails from Brazil and has had 10 years of experience in building 3D models. He he initially joined our project to lend a hand on a small piece of modelling however after quickly falling in love with what we were doing and where we wanted to go he went full steam into converting our entire collection into something special


Jinx (The Poktopus) – Our all-knowing octo-limbed cephalopod community leader. The Poktopus has been at the forefront of the Pocket Networks community, driving awareness for the project’s rapid growth. In 2021 The Poktopus formalized the Poktopus Den, the primary Pocket Network community. From there he teamed up with other Pocket OGs to help form  Pocket Networks first fractional staking pool, poktpool, enabling POKT holders to take part in running nodes regardless of how much POKT they own.


Whitelisting event will happen live in Florida at 8pm on the 4th of March 2022

Public mint is currently scheduled for  May 2022

Monthly airdrops – Nodes are already up and running earning POKT. We will commence automated distribution of rewards once 25% of NFTs have been sold. In the meantime rewards will be used for promotional events, giveaways, and compounding into more nodes. We also aim to use some proceeds to run events and competitions for the community with details of these to come following community consultation through our Discord.

Decentraland Space Station – Development of space station in the metaverse will be a large project requiring funds to buy the land and pay developers. This will commence once we have sold 75% of our Rockets. We will also look to utilise community input where our Rocket holders will have the ability to vote on designs and any features they would like to see included.


Pocket Rockets are committed to bringing the vision of a community which grows alongside and supports and is supported by the Pocket Network in a way that is compliant and sustainable. Our roadmap is simple but has some complicated elements which we have experience in managing.

The team will always work with the community to consult and steer the project in a way which aligns with our community’s views.

We look forward to you being a part of our journey, to the moon, to digital space, and to beyond!